participaeDo you want to plant roots in your community? Be part of a legacy project that will enhance the environment? It’s time to get involved.

You, your family, community, company, employees or co-workers can all take part in our tree planting projects in many ways! You can help us plant thousands of trees through donations, volunteer help, or corporate sponsorship.



Financial Contributions

Slide 49_MG_5670_7309 copyWe welcome any financial contribution you can make. Your donation will be pooled with others to continue planting large caliper trees each year. Consider an annual gift of $50 each year for five years – enough to plant a beautiful Maple, Spruce, or Linden tree. Every donation helps bring living memorials to greater splendor.

A financial contribution of $250 will allow us to professionally plant a large caliper tree in one of a growing number of projects. Challenge your community group, company or organization to raise enough money to plant ten or more trees, and the cost per tree drops to only $200. You can watch your project grow year after year – beautifying your community, commemorating veterans, and making a positive environmental contribution for decades to come. Few donations make such a lasting impact.

Donations to our projects can be sent by cheque or money order made payable to “Trees for 3 Dots Planting Inc.” and mail it to ‘Oakridge R.O., P.O. Box 28075, London, ON N6H 5E1’.

Trees (large caliper), Equipment & Supplies

VRCTP_MG_5865 copyIf you own or know a local supplier that can provide trees, planting equipment or supplies e.g. shovels, rakes, hammers, box cutters, stakes, rubberized nursery ties, cutting string, burlap, work gloves, etc., please contact us to discuss how to be a project partner.





community2Creating a Living Tribute is a big undertaking – and our success is due to the many volunteers who have taken up this worthy cause. The most important task is fundraising for our projects, and community volunteers generally help with implementing tree planting projects including backfilling, mulching and staking the newly planted trees.

A typical planting project team consists of a Site Manager, professional volunteer coordinator, team leader, one planter per tree approximately, logistics coordinator, and safety team member (traffic management, first aid, etc.) Other supporting roles include bus driver, maintenance (weeding), photography, marketing (social media), etc. If you want to “get your hands dirty” so to speak, join us for a local tree planting event.



Slide 22_MG_5616_7255 copyYour company, community organization or school can make a significant and enduring impact by endorsing or funding a tree planting project, or with assistance through in-kind support with volunteers, or administration, etc. We will work with you to develop a giving program that’s right for you.


Email us at or call (519) 494-1053 to learn more about how you can get involved by becoming a donor, sponsor, partner or volunteer, or complete our online form.