Projects & Programs

Each of our projects will use the Trees for 3 Dots Method™. The nationally recognized, award winning approach and methodology developed over the last five years as part of the VMP Community Program was incorporated into our Implementation Model.  The Method provides the tools, techniques, training, and assistance required to ensure success in community based tree planting programs and projects.

Each individual project is sponsored and championed by the local business community, and supported by the local municipality, service groups, community associations, local landscaping and arboriculture associations, local Scouting and Girl Guide groups, and members of the general public.

By combining the projects into coordinated programs, economies of scale provide the means of reducing the material costs significantly making each individual project highly feasible financially, and by coordinating with national service organizations, each project can start with a strong base of community and professional volunteers.

VMPCP-Logo-ComProg-tag-stackedCommunity Tree Planting Program

Our community tree projects are designed to beautify and naturalize commercial and industrial land, and highway corridors like the Veterans Memorial Parkway Community Project (VMPCP) through collaboration. The VMPCP is 10 km living guard to honour Canadian veterans along Veteran’s Memorial Parkway that  serves as a model for beautification and naturalization of commercial and industrial land, and highway corridors through the best kind of collaboration between government, corporate, community and the public.


Vimy_UPDATE_MAR_22_2016_BGVimy Ridge Commemorative Tree Planting Program

On the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge, this national program will honour the service of Veterans, enhance the environment, and help to improve neighbourhoods across the country. Our goal is to plant one large caliper tree for every soldier (15,500) who went over the top on the morning of April 9th, 1917. The VRCTP includes two project types: Living Guards of Honour and Veterans Memorial Gardens.


Sesquicentennial CelebrationSesquicentennial Celebration Tree Planting Program

Our goal is to plant a total of 150 projects of a 150 tree plantings in communities across Canada to celebrate Canada’s 150th (Sesquicentennial) Birthday Year. All of the Canada’s Birthday Celebration Trees will be planted simultaneously in Nova Scotia and participating communities across the country in late June of 2017, and the community planting projects will be dedicated on July 1, 2017.


Volunteer Urban Forester (VUF) ProgramSlide 87_MG_5741_7380 copy

Skilled volunteers can make a real difference in the success of a caliper tree-planting project. To better the development of these skills, we will offer a progressive series of training courses in urban tree planting of various degrees. VUF can then apply those skills to other groups, their communities, and their own properties.