Veteran’s Memorial Gardens

Memorial Garden
Remembrance Garden by the The Remember November 11 Association at 317 River Road, London, Ontario.

Our Veterans Memorial Gardens™ (VMG) are a series of smaller projects designed to serve as both a project of our Vimy Ridge Commemorative Tree Planting program and Sesquicentennial Celebration Tree Planting program.  Each VMG consists of a grove of ten (10) caliper Maple Trees from the Vimy Commemorative Tree Collection™, a base for a future garden, and a basic plaque.

The trees and garden will help generations remember the service of our veterans, provide a venue for Remembrance Day services, and provide an opportunity for hands-on curriculum activities focused on the environment and history as well as supplementary projects to extend, enhance, and maintain the garden.

School Projects

On June 15, 2016,  Hillcrest Public School (TVDSB) of London, Ontario was the first school to plant a VMG, beginning as a grove of ten trees, and the project was proudly sponsored by the Canadian Institute for Management (London Chapter). Click here to read more about the project.

Private Locations

VMG’s located on private property can serve as a Sesquicentennial Celebration Tree Planting project to enhance the environment of the property, and provide the means for an employee and family team building event.