Volunteer Urban Forester Program

Hillcrest VUFs
Hillcrest VUFs of first school-based Veterans Memorial Garden

Trees for 3 Dots Programs, like the Veterans Memorial Parkway Community Program before it, work because of the efforts of thousands of community volunteers working with volunteer professionals from the landscape, horticultural, and arboriculture sectors.  Skilled volunteers can make a real difference in the success of a caliper tree-planting project.  They can also apply those skills to other groups, their communities, and their own properties.

To better the development of these skills, Trees for 3 Dots will be offering a progressive series of training courses in urban tree planting.  Successful attendees will be designated a VUF (Volunteer Urban Forester) of various degrees.

VUF’s will eventually form the core of a project’s volunteers ensuring high levels of successful planting and hence contribute to the long-term ability of the trees to thrive in highly-stressful environments.